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Marina Tucakovi, who died Sept. 19 at age 67, was buried today in the New Belgrade Cemetery.

Source: Blic

Photo: print screen / first TV

Photo: print screen / first TV

Her last wish was to be buried next to her son Milo in the new cemetery and not in the alley of deserving citizens.

Those closest said goodbye to his beloved Marina crying for the last time.

Singer Zdravko oil sent a wreath on which was written: “Last greetings to the beloved Navy.” By the way, Tucakovieva wrote him more than 30 songs.

Son of Marina Tucakovi: “Just to push this stoic”

Milan Laa Radulovi, son of Marina Tucakova, visibly depressed, said goodbye to her mother for the last time, while her husband laid flowers.

Oliver Mandi, who had been his great love in the past, came to see the Navy and sang Marina.

In addition to family, friends and colleagues gather in front of the chapel and, in addition to Oliver, Jelena and Ika from the group “Zana”, Eljko Joximovi, Danijel Pavlovi, Saa Mati also arrived at the cemetery …

Variety shaken by the death of Marina Tucakova; his son spoke

In front of the chapel were a large number of security guards.

At the head of the procession, the cross was carried by Daniel Pavlovi, while the blacksmith was carried by Ika of “Zana” and Oliver Mandi.

Marina wrote numerous hits with the leading stars of the music scene of the former Yugoslavia. He was a member of Irija in the musical shows “Operation Triumph” and “Pink Stars”.

Her life was marked by numerous happy but also painful moments, and she lived them all with the support and love of her husband Aleksandar Futa Radulovi.

Marina and Aleksandar have a son Milan, and their second son Milo died suddenly in 2008. His lifeless body was found in the Radulovic family home by his then-girlfriend Saa. The Navy never fully recovered from this.

In early 2018 she was diagnosed with a malignant breast tumor, after which she was soon operated on and her colleagues sent her numerous messages of support.

During her long career, Marina has written several thousand songs for famous singers and has therefore helped them build great careers. Some of the most famous singers to whom he wrote songs are Zdravko oli, Toe Proeski, Indira Radi, Svetlana Ranatovi, Severina, Nina Badri, Neda Ukraden, Aca Lukas, Ana Nikoli and many others.

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