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A video of the violence, which ended unexpectedly, was shared on social media. That is, an old man met the junior world champion in the Brazilian di-brazil, Alex Williams.

Source: B92

Illustration / Photo: Shutterstock / ANDRANIK HAKOBYAN

Illustration / Photo: Shutterstock / ANDRANIK HAKOBYAN

The bully attacked a boy who was sitting on a bench with friends, and he couldn’t even dream when he bumped into him.

A 16-year-old man named Alex Williams, defended himself from the attack and then hit the bully who started him.

The video was posted on Twitter by former Cade Varios champion Alex Enlund, who is the deacon’s coach today.

“An adult is trying to attack a 16-year-old who is a multiple world champion in diodes. Alex shows calm, moderation and courage in this situation,” wrote Enlund, who added:

“Enroll children in martial arts. They are unlikely to become bullies because of the humility learned on the ropes.”

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