Malta “changed the plow” in the last ace: no borders were closed

Illustration: Profimedia / Xinhua

Illustration: Profimedia / Xinhua

On Tuesday, Malta withdrew its decision to close the borders to unvaccinated people against kovid 19, hours before the decision came into force, and decided to impose quarantine on these passengers.

“People who come to Malta and do not have a vaccination certificate must be quarantined for a while,” the Valletta government announced on Tuesday evening, according to the “Jutarnji list”.

Malta announced on Friday that it would ban all unvaccinated visitors from entering the country from this Wednesday.

The European Commission on Monday called on Valletta to overturn the decision.

In Malta, 79% of the adult population was vaccinated, with two doses.

No cases of infection were reported in the country on 27 June, but Malta registered 96 on Friday, 90% of which were not vaccinated.

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