Male infertility – the most common reason for in vitro fertilization

The most common reason why couples demand in vitro fertilization is the increasing percentage of male infertility.

Source: RTS

Photo: Shutterstock / Chinnapong

Photo: Shutterstock / Chinnapong

What is the cause of this growing trend, Professor Dr.

“The environment has changed, habits have changed, the stress we live under.

Fortunately, a big step forward was made given that in vitro fertilization was a big taboo. People were hiding and were very reluctant to talk about the fact that they were realized as parents by in vitro fertilization.

Today, people accept this as a relatively normal thing, but even more than 50 percent of couples appear only after the age of 35, which is in some ways quite late, notes Dr. Stojić, because it limits the period of time in which these procedures can be provided the most. in addition to the fact that the biological clock in women has changed significantly towards more mature years.

“The 43-year limit was set arbitrarily, even if it went in line with financial possibilities, because in vitro fertilization is not a cheap, nor simple procedure,” Dr. Stojić told the media.

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