Lots of expectations, and in fact nothing special: B92.net readers about the cities that destroyed them

Photo: Shutterstock / Jakub Barzycki

Photo: Shutterstock / Jakub Barzycki

Belgrade is among the most overrated cities, and the most pleasant surprise is in southeastern Serbia.

We get the first impression of a city long before we visit it, and we form it from what we have heard from other people, which we have read in guides or books and seen in movies and series. That’s why it often happens that we expect so much more from a place than he can give us.

Although the tastes are different, so it is individual if we like more or less a city, for some cities in the world tourists say they are overrated.

That is, Redit users shared their experiences and opinions, and in the list of cities they were disappointed with, there were 14 cities.

Judging by the comments, readers of the B92.net portal say that they are among the most overrated cities. Athens, Marrakech, Cairo, Paris and Naples.

“I confirm for Marake. I was officially there. So everyone steals from the queue. First a taxi to the hotel, then the hotel says you took it from the minibar, then to the restaurants … Memories too expensive last year in all directions. ”

Paris, a city like a minefield of pet feces. Cairo, the roadways full of corpses, stinks terribly when a kia falls. ”

“Per Cairo I can confirm that it is complicated and unpleasant. ”

Athens – It was two years ago. More disappointed than delighted. Bad coasts: the street where we stayed (urban part, not far from the center) is full of urine, parking is hard to find, udder overflows from the container. Metro – iaran, dirty, empire deparoa, through loudspeakers emitting warnings in English to keep a line of things in the teeth. In the center, we witness a scene where a girl turns around and then a policeman frantically chases a thief who kidnapped Tan. Plaka – just the center as a traditional and romantic network, two blocks away stink and udder. The Way of the Acropolis: ruined facades, all adorned with stupid graffiti, and black refugees ambush and drag you by the sleeve. Universal traffic, noise and cars on all sides. Many merchants and swindlers, refugees and the poor, must be constantly vigilant.

Good aspects: Kifisja, rich region, quiet and fairytale atmosphere, all the same and tidy. Archaeological Museum – modern, pleasant, rich. Restaurants, entertainment – good food and atmosphere. arenilo people from all over the world (the impression Amer has the most).

Overall impression: too much crowd, too much decay and dirt, too many petty crimes. I don’t think I’ve been there for a long time. ”

“I am just happy to be free Naples. Naples has an old town, with many churches and historical sites, but it is so dirty, smelly and messy that I can hardly describe it. I don’t think Belgrade is so dirty in its dirtiest parts. “

In addition to these, in the list of overrated cities, according to our Italians, there are also Zurich, Prague, London, but also Toronto, Vienna, Berlin and Dubrovnik.

“It is the worst place Zurich. False too expensive. People are cold, like ice, unfriendly and ruins. Poor living there. And all for a few francs. I don’t think anyone would live there if they didn’t have to. ”

“The same goes for Paris go and for London. Except for a few very dirty better neighborhoods. Of the overrated cities, there are also some Dubrovnik: nice but it’s all very small and I don’t know what to see and the prices are higher than in Venice. Anyone who has drunk coffee at Stradun for 13 euros (like my German colleague who was surprised) knows what I am writing about; Berlin: although it is not as dirty as Paris and London and there is no God knows what to see. The tour can be stopped in two days; To be. Although very nice in the center, they are a little disappointed. There are beautiful neighborhoods outside the center, but they are gray islands. ”

Prague. The buildings are beautiful, but the atmosphere and people are not nice. Everyone eats and drinks, like animals, they do not even know them and are in a very low spiritual development. They have all the stuff and are not interested in anything but food and drink. The buildings are beautiful, the streets are tidy and people are careless and, dare I say it, rubble. I was there several times for a long time and I met (and saw) a clean and decent man, no woman, the rest as if it were a bull they came out. ”

“The most disgusting city in Western civilization is everything Toronto. Anthill, and new and old buildings and ruins. People are still burning … In Europe, in Athens I was horrified … painted non-stop, everything stinks in the summer “.

Serbian capital among overvalued cities

What has grown on us is that several Italians mentioned Belgrade as the most overrated city, referring to the fact that the Serbian capital is very dirty.

“Belgrade is the dirtiest and most peasant city. It is full of unkind and uneducated people. Unfortunately, I live there.”

“I’m sorry and I love Belgrade, but Belgrade is both ruinous and dirty, and it doesn’t have much to offer except cheap food and peasant entertainment, especially in the fall and winter when it’s gray and depressed. And that’s not it. just my opinion but the opinion of the people who have visited it For example, that’s why graffiti is tolerated in the city and in the center it really looks like fleece, then various posters and posters, can be pasted anywhere, then hallways underground – it’s horror … ”

“Belgrade, the city has collapsed, the dirt, the facades have turned yellow, everything is gray and gloomy.”

“Belgrade is probably the worst capital in Europe after Kiev and Tirana. Prague is the best of all.”

Not everything is so black

Among the cities that pleasantly surprised tourists, our readers counted Turin, Istanbul, Moscow, Budapest, and a reader wrote that he was more surprised Pirot.

“On the other hand, PIROT = the most pleasant surprise in Serbia, you should see that square and the modern glazed hotel in the city center, not forgetting the friendliness of the people and the beauty of the surroundings.”

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