“Little Venice” in Indonesia PHOTO

Photo: Shutterstock / Ginanjar Rah Widodo

Photo: Shutterstock / Ginanjar Rah Widodo

The “Little Venice” park, inspired by the small Italian city, made in the area of ​​West Java, Indonesia, is an inevitable destination for a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Built in a forested area of ​​the Cianjur region 20 years ago, “Little Venice” is one of the most important tourist destinations for its original structure, the same air, lakes and forest views.

Visitors, who come to see the park, visit all that it has to offer on the gondolas, which is especially interesting for couples.

Venice: a city lying on the water

The park also has tennis courts, horse riding trails, a swimming pool and playgrounds.

Photo: Shutterstock / Muhammad fajar pratama

Photo: Shutterstock / Muhammad fajar pratama

Park manager Agus Julianto told the media that in addition to local tourists, the park is also visited by tourists from Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Middle East, but from Europe.

If you are in this area, we recommend that you explore the beauties of this park that make a better impression than the original beauties of Venice.

Copenhagen: North Venice

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