Laying the crown is simply not enough

Acquiring immunity has naturally become a popular excuse for coronavirus vaccines, but a new study from the University of Pittsburgh found that antibody levels after infection vary considerably and in some cases are not. enough to protect a person from the disease again.


Photo: Shutterstock / Corona Borealis Studio

Photo: Shutterstock / Corona Borealis Studio

“Patients don’t have enough antibodies after having a crown.”

The study analyzed antibody levels among adults who recovered from the moderately severe form of covid 19. It was found that people under the age of 30 had a lower antibody level than the elderly. . The results indicate that everyone, especially younger adults, should be vaccinated against kovid 19, even if they have had the disease.

“We know a lot of people think: I’ve been overcooked, so I’m not going to be vaccinated,” said John Alcorn, professor of pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and lead author of the study.

“But our study indicates that some patients do not have a sufficient amount of antibodies that are part of immune memory after pregnancy, especially young people.”

Immune memory is created during the first encounter of the immune system with a foreign antigen. It consists of T and B memory cells and provides the immune system with certain information about certain pathogens. In this way, the immune system can fight the disease more effectively and faster after the initial infection.

The study examined the immune response of 173 adults aged 19 to 79 years who had a mild to moderate crown shape and did not need hospitalization. All had antibodies measured from a blood sample. The scientists found that some of them had high levels of antibodies, and others low.

High levels of antibodies were able to neutralize the crown, while low levels were not. The aim of the study was not to establish a specific limit for the level of antibodies needed to prevent a new covid infection, but to clarify that infection is always possible, regardless of the presence of antibodies.

There are still a lot of unknowns

“Many people have had the disease, and there are even more who stop taking precautionary measures afterwards,” Alcorn said.

It is also very unknown when it comes to the crown and natural immunity – such as why some people have higher levels of antibodies, what level is enough to protect against reinfection, and how long the naturally acquired immunity lasts.

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