Kisi: All vaccine combinations are safe

According to research, all combinations are safe when it comes to the third dose, says Labor Minister and Crisis Tab member Daria Kisi Tepavevi, and her only choice, she adds, is the third dose from the same producer.

Source: Tanjug

Photo: Printscreen / TV Prima

Photo: Printscreen / TV Prima

As she said, she will receive the third dose today or tomorrow, because a few days ago she received an SMS notification that it was half a year since the vaccination.

Following the session of the Social and Economic Council of which he is a member, the Minister recalled that only in the case of the Sputnik vaccine is an exception made, and that the first component of that vaccine should be received in the third dose. In addition to this, all combinations are safe, the Minister notes that all vaccines are available in Serbia.

A third dose, he says, is needed to stimulate and strengthen the immune system, research has confirmed.

He reiterated that the crown can be won only with mutual success, that is, with greater coverage of vaccination of vaccinated citizens.

“If vaccination coverage does not increase significantly, we can expect a larger number of patients,” he concluded.

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