It’s dirty, a bunch of homeless people, they just fight and spend money – ticks ruined the American dream



Recently, Americans who moved to Europe to study or live in the countryside launched a trend on TikTok. Because America is generally thought to be a promised land, a dream come true, etc., many of them expressed their personal opinion about the situation in that country, which they say is very bad.

TickTokers mostly have trends where they dance to music or talk about some of the events in their lives, but this trend starts with the question: If you are an American living abroad, tell me why you would not return to this country. ?

Literally everyone living in Germany, Italy, or some other country has started announcing their reasons for never wanting to return to America.

Thus, among other things, a TickToker further complemented this trend by presenting its point of view on the country from which it comes.

“Hello everyone, so I would like to return to a country where it is forbidden to open beer in public, and legally carry a gun with you,” began his video.

“So I would like to return to a country that represents only 4.5% of the world’s population and produces 17% of the world’s waste and uses 24% of the world’s energy?”

“People, including my family, use plastic plates for Thanksgiving,” he said with a genuine expression on his face.

He also said that America is a country that has the knowledge, power and resources to fight global warming, but that it has politicians who bring snow to the Senate to prove that global warming is lazy.

“There are only two party politicians who hate each other, although both in most cases represent rich white people,” he said.

He also says that it is a country that has between 30 and 40 percent of the food that is wasted, while 38 million Americans eat an uncertain meal, which means they do not always eat.

“A state that has a problem with the homeless also has 17 million empty homes,” he said.

“A country that spends more on the military than everyone else put together, so they literally blow up civilian money, destroying other people’s homes and lives around the world.”

He also referred to the US education system, saying that in order to have a better education, people are getting into serious debts that can last for more than a decade.

“In addition, 28 million people do not have health insurance because it is private and cannot afford it,” he added.

Another Tiktokerka went viral, comparing the German work and vacation system to the American one.

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