Infected tourists walked around Dubrovnik and, in translation, it doesn’t matter

Photo: Shutterstock / Emanuel Metzenthin

Photo: Shutterstock / Emanuel Metzenthin

Spanish tourists roamed the city freely and spent time even though a quick antigen test showed they were positive for the coronavirus.

According to research from the American edition of Forbes magazine, Dubrovnik is on the list of the 20 best European places to live. If you plan to visit this Croatian city and see its beauty, don’t forget to pack your bags and travel insurance policy.

Five twenty-five-year-old Spanish tourists are suspected of walking unhindered in Dubrovnik, regardless of whether they were found to be positive for coronavirus.

That is, on July 19, Spanish tourists took a quick antigen test that showed they were positive for kovid 19. The competent epidemiologist advised them to isolate and treat them at home, but they ignored the recommended advice. . A few days later, they were seen walking freely around Dubrovnik and having fun.

Dubrovnik on the list of the best European cities to live in Forbes

They were reported and taken to the Dubrovnik municipal prosecutor’s office. They are accused of endangering the transmission and transmission of the disease to other people

It has been proposed to order pre-trial detention against Spanish tourists for the danger of flight. However, the judge rejected the proposal and the prosecution’s appeal was dismissed.

According to the portal, Croatian criminal law for the crime of spreading and transmitting a contagious disease provides for a prison sentence of up to two years. Diary.

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