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Jay K Rowling spoke after claiming that three activists had revealed their residential address to the public.

Source: B92

Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

Author Harry Potter stated that people were in front of his house in Scotland and taking photos, and his address is clearly visible in the photos.

These images were posted on Twitter in hopes of revealing where the famous writer lived.

Rowling wrote on Twitter: “I want to thank everyone who reported the image to the customer service on Twitter.”

“Your kindness and decency have made a big difference for my family and for me. I would also like to thank the Scottish police for their support and assistance in this case.”

He asked people to immediately delete his tweets showing a photo of the house with the address.

“I urge those who retweeted the image with the address still visible, even if they did so to condemn the actions of these people, to erase it.”

She explained that there have been many women in recent years who are not public figures like her, but who have gone through the same thing.

Rowling claims that these women were the subject of “intimidation campaigns ranging from harassment on social media to direct threats of violence, including rape.”

“None of these women are as protected as I am,” she continued.

“They and their families have been brought to a state of fear and anxiety only because they refuse to accept the socio-political concept of gender identity,” JK Rowling concluded.

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