How safe is the Montenegrin sea for swimming?

Photo: Shutterstock / Oleg_P

Photo: Shutterstock / Oleg_P

The results of the analysis of seawater quality for 110 locations, conducted by the Institute of Marine Biology of Montenegro between 6 and 9 July this year, showed that the water of sea ​​was excellent in 71.8% of locations. quality for swimming.

In 12.7% of the locations, the sea water was good, in 13.6% the locations were satisfactory, while in 1.8% of the locations the water was of poor quality, the company announced. High school.

Poor water quality was recorded in the Kotor “Benovo 01” and “Uta plaa 01” baths, so the red flag was displayed as a symbol of the bathing ban.

“The results show that seawater in most Montenegrin baths is sanitary and safe for swimming and recreation,” the Institute said.

The sanitary quality control program for seawater in the municipality of Ulcinj is being implemented in a total of 18 locations, of which in 13 locations the water was of excellent quality, in four good and in a satisfactory one.

“Out of a total of 15 locations in the municipality of Bar, nine of them had excellent quality, three of good quality and three of satisfactory quality. When it comes to the municipality of Budva, the Program is implemented in 32 locations and in this measure there are 27 waters of excellent quality, on one of good quality and on four of satisfactory quality “, it is said in the analysis.

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In Kotor Bay, in the municipality of Herceg Novi, water samples were taken in a total of 21 locations, of which 17 were of excellent quality, two of good quality and two of satisfactory quality.

“In the municipality of Tivat, the program included nine locations, of which five were of excellent water, two of good and the remaining two of satisfactory quality. In the municipality of Kotor, with a total of 15 locations, the water it was of excellent quality at eight, good at two and satisfactory at three places, while in the locations “Benovo 01” and “Uta plaa 01” the water was of poor quality, “said the Institute. .

The red flag was displayed in the bathrooms of these locations “Benovo 01” and “Uta plaa 01”, as a symbol of the ban on bathing, while the inspector of water of the Republic issued a decision banning swimming to sea water in these locations is good and safe for swimming.

“The Institute of Biology should continue to take seawater samples from these sites and we will inform the public about the results obtained later,” the announcement states.

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