How many dangerous firecrackers have multiplied on the Adriatic? – Science – Life

Recently, a firecracker was seen on the Adriatic, a predator that destroys almost everything in front of it. How far it has spread, revealed prof. dr. sc. Jakov Dulčić from the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in Split.

Source: B92,

Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

“It came from the Red Sea and is gradually spreading. The first name was in 1991 and this species develops very quickly. The number of eggs it lays is very large and generates throughout the year,” Dulčić said.

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“It is a very aggressive species. It is a Lessepsian migrant that arrived through the Suez Canal originally in the eastern Mediterranean and, due to its aggressiveness, in the sense that it has very good biological and ecological characteristics, it spreads very quickly to the new ecosystem, ”Dulcic said.

Last year and this year we had two such finds on the Adriatic, near Italy and Albania, he added.

“It doesn’t make us happy. It has not yet been found in our waters, but it multiplies rapidly, a pronounced predator. If it stings, there is terrible pain. We have had several cases of serious consequences and in some cases death. This fish is causing huge problems in the Cypriot fisheries and in Turkey, ”he added.

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