High temperatures are the enemy of VIDEO varicose veins

When the heat is high, a longer stay in the air aggravates the symptoms when it comes to varicose veins. Most impressive is the swelling, which makes you feel pain, heaviness and fatigue, confirmed vascular surgeon Dario Jocic.

Source: 555vq, TV Prva

Photo: Printscreen / First Television

Photo: Printscreen / First Television

If it gets cold now, a new heat wave is expected next week. High temperatures can affect various chronic patients, and worsen the patient’s situation.

What problems do high temperatures bring to patients with varicose veins?

With increased temperatures, there is a dilation of blood vessels and a worsening of the problems that patients with varicose veins have pain, burning, burning, heaviness in the legs, itching, inflammation, venous eczema, red spots, ”Jocic said to “TV Prva” ..

He also points out that patients with varicose veins complain most often of the summer season, and that it is the worst for them then.

He also argues that the sun creates additional problems, direct exposure to the sun says they are not recommended, not only for venous diseases, but also for other diseases. Indicating that activities in the water significantly help the symptomatology of venous diseases, “walking, water and bathing are good friends of our feet,” he said.

Women who practice hair removal and anti-cellulite massages should, in essence, be very careful about this, because, as Jocic says, any direct exposure to any treatment or heat can lead to reactions.

“Massage should always be correct, if it is too rough, it can make a big problem for patients with varicose veins,” she said.

The only solution for patients with varicose veins is surgery, which can be performed at any time of the year.

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