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TikTok ads about former sex worker Ashley Clark Huffman reveal what she lived through in this job, but also that in the end she still marries happily.

Source: The Sun.com

Illustration / photo: Profimedia

Illustration / photo: Profimedia

Former sex worker Ashley Clark Huffman revealed to TikTok shocking details of the industry in which she worked for 20 years. “The sun”.

While her stories serve as a warning to other people who plan to enter the world of the sex industry, she revealed that her life has changed drastically and that she is currently engaged.

In one of the latest music videos, she admitted that she slept with more than 16,000 people as a sex worker. Although some people will refuse, Ashley is happily engaged to a woman and they are both looking forward to marriage.

He speaks openly with his promise about his past, as well as with the TikTok audience. He regularly posts recordings in which he shares details of the sex industry, which he does not idealize.

He described in detail the traumas he faced during the two decades he spent in the “profession” in order to better advise anyone who is interested in starting their own career in the sex industry.

In one of the most popular posts, she listed the “long-term consequences” of working in the sex industry, such as PTSD, nightmares, decreased libido, and difficulty connecting.

However, this has not been the end of her problems in the past, she struggled with addiction, was homeless for a while and described an incident in which she was “kidnapped and beaten”.

Ashley says she regrets more having ruined “happy marriages” and not respecting her own body. He is aware of his mistakes and states that he has worked hard over the years to become a better person.

Its sincere users were shared by TikTok users. While some praise her for her honesty, others condemn her for past decisions. Fortunately, the feedback is mostly positive and users provide love and support.

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