Green certificate: not necessary to book a room, but is it necessary for hotel services?

Bulgarian Tourism Minister Stella Baltova explains under what conditions a green certificate is needed and under what conditions it is not.

Bulgaria is preparing for the start of the new winter season and, according to the epidemiological situation, the rules are changing.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Stella Baltova, an interesting season is expected.

“According to a survey by the Ministry of Tourism, 74% of Bulgarians believe that the conditions for the winter season are excellent. However, according to the pandemic, there are rules that must be established d “according to the epidemiological situation. One of them is the presence of a green certificate,” he said.

In hotels, this document is not required.

“However, to use all accommodation and catering services, you need to show a document about vaccination, past illness or a negative PCR test,” he said, adding that this season begins with an unnecessary green certificate to enter. in the ski facilities. and ski lifts.

According to her, for the time being, there will be no special covid areas or quarantine hotels.

“All patients go to the hotel. There are special rules developed in agreement with the health authorities,” he added.

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