Grandma Pig returns to Serbia “despite threats” – Amsterdam is “boring” VIDEO – News – Life

Bogdan Ili, better known as Baka Prase, announced this on his YouTube channel and said he had returned to Belgrade after a few days in Amsterdam.

Source: B92

Photo: Profimedia / Antonio Ahel / ATAImages

Photo: Profimedia / Antonio Ahel / ATAImages

“Honestly, I’m a little disappointed with the experience here and the New Year in Amsterdam. I was expecting a little more. It’s all closed and I thought it would happen someday, but without fireworks, I didn’t think it could happen. I was amazed at how bored I am here, so I decided to sell the apartment I bought here and go back to Belgrade … “Bogdan said in a new app, adding:

“I return to Serbia and Belgrade, despite all these threats. I am facing all the dangers and my fears and I will win everything.”

When he arrived in Serbia, he filmed with his girlfriend Anja and said he was still recording videos.

Remember that Baka Prase recently joined YouTube and said yes he moved from Serbia because he received threats and how he could not cope with that pressure.

After death youtube Kristina uki Kike many criticized Bogdan, who a few years ago posted videos about her and told her.

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