From the highest peak of Tara, three states could be seen as in the palm of the hand

Photo: RINA / Private archive

Photo: RINA / Private archive

The viewpoints of Tara National Park represent the most attractive places from which this protected area is known and lived in a special way. Most are hidden and difficult to access.

However, the most beautiful ones can be reached, of course, only on foot. One of the highest peaks in Tara National Park is Janjac and certainly one of the most beautiful viewpoints, although it is not as well known among visitors.

Now it has become richer for other content, because in collaboration with the Tourist Organization “Tara-Drina”, panoramic binoculars have been placed.

“From this summit there is a magnificent panoramic view of the Zaovine area, the Tara massif, Crni vrh and Veliki Stolac.” In addition, here you can see the remains of trenches from the First World War. The viewpoint itself is located. in Zaovine, above Gornji Karaklije, on the border between Serbia and Republika Srpska (BiH). It can be reached by a well-maintained path through the village of Karaklije, “NP Tara told Rina Ranko Milanović.

In the territory of this national park there are nine enclosed garden gazebos and completely safe for visitors, and the view that welcomes you is worth a million dollars.

The most famous is without a doubt Banjska stena, from that place you can see all the beauties of Tara National Park, but no less beautiful are the other eight, where new content is often added.

“In Banjska stena, Tara’s most visited viewpoint, the security fence was replaced, and the old canopy was removed and replaced with three new ones. Several benches were also added. Installation is planned. “New information and pedagogical boards. The way to the viewpoint”, he pointed out. and Milanovic.

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