From desserts to essential dishes in Mexican cuisine: one ingredient is a must

Photo: Shutterstock / Sweet Marshmallow

Photo: Shutterstock / Sweet Marshmallow

Knowing Mexican cuisine cannot be complete without a casserole.

Although it has been adopted by many cultures around the world, quesadilla is considered an authentic Mexican dish, originating in the central and northern part of the country in the 16th century.

This is a simple Mexican wine that consists of a tortilla made from prey or corn stuffed with melted cheese, which is usually folded in half and consumed.

It may also contain ingredients such as meat, beans, and potatoes, but cheese is always a must (except in Mexico City, where casserole cheese is often the last thought).

The name kesadilje literally means “cheese-sewn”, which once again shows the importance of this food in a popular dish.

As you say, you will find the most authentic quesadillas in June and in central Mexico.

The origin of this dish is a bit unclear, but it is known that the cheese came to Mexico from a frying pan with other ground products, while the omelettes were already part of the diet.

According to one theory, quesadilla was born among the Aztecs.

That is, corn omelettes were more popular among them, which were often stuffed with pumpkin and baked in the clay oven as a dessert.

Currently, there are many types of quesadillas and fillings for them, such as rice, Oaxaca cheese, epazota and zucchini.

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