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The sleepless nights due to the frequent ringing of church bells in the small French town of Sera, prompted a resident to a “crusade” to try to silence them during the night, the German news agency dpa said.

Source: 24h

Photo: EPA / Lukasz Gagulski

Photo: EPA / Lukasz Gagulski

“They sound 564 times during the day and about 160 times at night,” Gael Drilon, who moved to Serres with his family, told Le Daupin.

The noise reaches 38 decibels in his home, he told the France Bleu newspaper portal.

Local authorities near Clermont-Ferrand, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, now have a choice of teak.

Drillon’s request to ring the bells between ten at night and eight in the morning only received 17 signatures in a city of 6,500 people.

Proponents of the ring staged a counter-petition, saying the “village duo” would be in danger if the bells stopped ringing normally, Le Dauphine reported.

The mayor refused to make changes to the bell, so he addressed the issue to the city council. A decision is expected.

For prayer, the bells of the Angelus ring three times a day, about 70 times each. In addition, the bells ring every half hour.

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