Eric Clapton funds a band against the vaccine, even though he has been vaccinated – News – Life

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton, who voiced his opposition to coronavirus vaccines, decided to fund an anti-vaccine rock band that defends “freedom of choice in medicine,” Rolling Stone magazine writes.

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Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

The guitarist donated $ 1,300 and lent the tourist van to the British band “Jam for Freedom,” whose lyrics read “You can get the poison vaccine in your ass.” Clapton also gave a certain amount to the group so they could buy their van in the meantime.

Jam for Freedom founder Campbell McLaughlin initially thought Clapton’s donation was a joke, but told Rolling Stone magazine he realized the matter was serious when he received a message from Clapton himself.

The duo was heard on the phone and Clapton offered him his tourist van and an unknown amount of money.

Clapton caused controversy recently when he said he would not act in places that require coveted confirmation.

Clapton received two doses of the vaccine, but said he suffered “catastrophic consequences” due to side effects, Rolling Stone writes.

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