EMA: We’re not sure if a fourth dose of the vaccine is needed

Although the coronavirus is still in a pandemic phase, the spread of the omicron strain will turn the virus into an endemic disease that humans can learn to live with, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said tonight.

Source: Beta

Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

The agency has expressed doubts about the use of the fourth dose of the vaccine, adding that repeated dose injection is not a “sustainable” strategy.

“No one knows exactly when we will be at the end of the tunnel, but we will get there,” said agency spokesman Marco Cavaleri, adding that with the introduction of immunization and natural immunity, the coronavirus is moving. slowly toward endemic disease.

According to him, it should not be forgotten that the coronavirus is still in a pandemic phase.

The World Health Organization (WHO), for its part, said it was too early to label coronavirus as an endemic disease in the case of influenza.

According to the WHO, more than half of the European population could be infected with omicron in the next two months.

The WHO has also assessed that the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, with the help of additional doses of current vaccines, is not a sustainable strategy.

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