EMA: It is too early to recommend the use of booster doses

There is not enough data to recommend the use of the third, booster dose, the European Food and Drug Administration (EMA) announced today, after some EU countries said they they would start giving the third dose to the most vulnerable part of the population by September.

Source: Tanjug

Photo: Shutterstock / lupmotion

Photo: Shutterstock / lupmotion

EMA said in mid-July that more data were needed before issuing a recommendation for a boost dose, but larger EU countries such as Germany and France are continuing with plans to give a boost dose in however, he told Reuters.

“It is too early to confirm when booster doses will be needed for covid 19, as we do not yet have enough data from vaccinations and ongoing studies to determine how long protection from existing doses lasts,” the EMA said.

However, Germany intends to give a dose of boost to immunocompromised patients, the elderly and nursing home residents, from September.

France’s plan is to give the third dose of the vaccine to the elderly and people with associated diseases, as of next month.

Reuters adds that the World Health Organization (WHO) is wary of a lack of data on booster doses.

“We don’t even know how, when and if there will be a need for booster doses. There are numerous groups of people with certain medical conditions who may need a booster dose, but at this point we are urging the world to share vaccines as well. “It’s possible. They’ve been talking since the beginning of the vaccination campaign,” a WHO spokesman said today.

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