eka per a poetes – eki Krumlov

Photo: Shutterstock / Catarina Belova

Photo: Shutterstock / Catarina Belova

eki Krumlov is located in the south of the Bohemian region, near the border with Austria.

The main tourist attraction in this area is the magnificent Krumlov Castle located in the city center, which is on the UNESCO list for its history and importance. The castle is truly fascinating and offers amazing views over the valley.

The historic center of the city is a prominent example of a small medieval town whose architectural heritage has remained intact thanks to its position for more than several centuries. It was founded in the Middle Ages and underwent Renaissance and Baroque transformations and, as it remained authentic, it retained its original layout of streets and squares.

eki Krumlov is small enough for you to get to know it on a day trip to the oven and tourists love it for its exceptionally well-preserved architecture dating from the 14th to the 17th century.

There are many sightseeing tours from the eche itself, but also from around Austria, get to know it. Explore sights, museums, galleries or stroll the streets of this beautiful place, discover a photogenic and above all friendly city.

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