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The most common reason people bite their nails is that they die so unconscious when they are hungry, bored, frustrated or working in difficult jobs, says psychologist Gauri Khurani.


Photo: Shutterstock / BLACKDAY

Photo: Shutterstock / BLACKDAY

Nails bite 20 to 30 percent of the population, children and adults. In addition to the fact that it is a rune habit after the nails do not look good, it increases the risk of developing a horse infection and the transmission of viruses, bacteria … Is that why people bite their nails?

Biting your nails is a self-soothing behavior, such as biting your hair or scratching your skin. These parts of the body are easy to access, and the results are not easily visible to others.

“The most common reason people bite their nails is that they die like that when they are hungry, bored, frustrated or working hard. In fact, biting their nails is one of those unwanted habits that most of the time they don’t. we don’t. We even know we do. We do, “said Gauri Khurani, a psychologist who works with children and adults.

Such behavior may be in childhood, and some research even suggests that the habit has its roots in genetics. However, it is unclear whether this type of behavior has been learned and imitated, or whether it is an innate characteristic, he explained. Is eating a nail harmful?

“If it’s done only a few times, here and there, then it’s not harmful. But if people bite constantly and persistently, so that the nails are completely reduced, then any kind of infection is possible,” says dermatologist Tiffany Do Libi.

“Chronic nail biting, also called onychophagia, can damage the skin around the nail and the nail itself. It also increases the risk of bacterial nail infections, which can be red, painful, swollen and often require antibiotics to treat. he added. and noted that hands and nails can be full of viruses and bacteria that are easily transmitted to the body by heating nails.

How to plant?

If you have problems with this unwanted habit, here are eight tips for stopping biting your nails: 1. Find the cause 2. Make sure your hands are not busy 3. Wear gloves or sticks 4. Keep your nails very short 5 Apply. nail polish for unpleasant taste 6. Try a special mouth guard 7. go vacuum 8. Contact a specialist

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