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Actor Luka Raco, kept his love life a secret for a long time and avoided questions about it. However, after the collapse of a love story, a new romance seems to have set in.

Source: Kurir

Photo: Printscreen / TV First

Photo: Printscreen / TV First

Their hiding place from their private life lasted until their previous love, which she introduced to the public, but soon ended the relationship. The shared photos soon disappeared from social media and the actor was left with the details for him.

He recently talked about the fact that he filled the time after the break with work and sports, and now, as he himself says, a new love has entered his life.

When asked if he will share the following connection with the general public, Luka says he will wait a bit:

“I have a girlfriend, but I certainly won’t. There will be no joint photos, nor will I find out who she is. I don’t think this is necessary, until the relationship gets to much I think the previous attitude towards this issue was a a reflection of my haste, ‚ÄĚLuka told local media.

On the other hand, the actor is known for the series “Game of Destiny”, which is broadcast on “TV Prva”.

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