Disneyland in Shanghai is temporarily closed: infected tourists stayed in the park

Illustration / Photo: depositphotos / ivan_varyukhin

Illustration / Photo: depositphotos / ivan_varyukhin

Shanghai’s Disneyland has temporarily suspended entry to the theme park so they can cooperate with authorities in investigations into the emergence of local coronavirus cases, which are connected to other Chinese provinces and cities.

Visitors currently at the park will have to undergo coronavirus testing at the park’s exit, Shanghai Disneyland announced on its account on China’s social media, Reuters reports.

The statement added that entry to the nearby Disney city was also prohibited.

“We have temporarily suspended entry to Shanghai Disneyland, and some attractions within the park will also be temporarily closed,” Disneyland said in a statement.

The Shanghai government issued an emergency warning on Sunday, saying all those who were in the park from Oct. 30 to 31 must show up for a coronavirus test, because some infected tourists are supposed to be they were staying in the park.

Those who were visitors to Disneyland these two days should stay home for at least the first two days, and it is recommended that the tests be done on the first, second, seventh and fourteenth day, it was stated.

If it is confirmed that both tests are negative for guests who were tested at the Disneyland exit, they will be asked to check their health for the next 12 days, they announced from this park.

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