Deficiency can also be caused by a lack of an important vitamin

Researchers at the Longitudinal Aging Study of Ireland (TILDA) have published a new study examining the relationship between folic acid status and vitamin B12 and its association with a higher prevalence of depressive symptoms in the elderly group.

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Photo: EPA / Africa Studio

Photo: EPA / Africa Studio

The study shows that vitamin B12 status is associated with symptoms of depression, but also shows that folic acid is not associated with depression.

The findings reveal relevant information for older adults, public health and policy makers to better understand how to identify risk and take protective measures to improve health outcomes for people over 50, writes Medical Express.

The study included people over the age of 50 whose folate and vitamin B12 levels were measured over four years and tested for depression. People with low vitamin B12 levels have been found to have a 51 percent higher risk of developing depressive symptoms in four years, but such an association has not been observed in people with folate deficiency.

It is obvious that increasing the intake of this vitamin or supplementation could prevent many cases of depression in the elderly and the consequences it brings.

Professor Rose Ann Kenny, a leading researcher at TILDA, said: “The main advantage of this study is that it is based on a large sample of elderly people in Ireland, observed over four years.”

dr. Eamon Laird, lead author of the study, says: “This study is very relevant given the high prevalence of accidental depression in older adults living in Ireland, especially after evidence shows that one in eight older people has extremely high levels. B12, this is an incentive for the introduction of a mandatory B vitamin enrichment policy in Europe and the United Kingdom. ”

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