Cuban medicine has developed 5 new vaccines against kovid – more than 90 percent effective

To date, Cuba’s major biotechnology sector has developed five different vaccines against the kovid-19 virus, including the Abdala, Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus vaccines – which officials in the country say provide more than 90 percent protection against symptomatic coronavirus infection when administered in threes. dose.




The country of about 11 million people is still the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean to produce a domestic vaccine against the covid virus 19.

Italy has introduced compulsory vaccination, fined between 600 and 1,500 euros

According to CNBC, Cuba has vaccinated a larger percentage of its population against coronavirus than almost all of the world’s largest and richest nations. In fact, only the United Arab Emirates can boast a higher vaccination rate.

Omicron is for non-vaccinated people like “Russian roulette”

A small Caribbean island under communist rule has reached this stage by producing its own vaccine, although it is struggling to maintain a more or less satisfactory supply of food to supermarkets, due to a trade embargo. the United States for decades.

Statistics show that a higher percentage of unvaccinated people die from covid

“It’s an incredible fact,” Helen Yaffe, a professor of economic and social history at the University of Glasgow, told CNBC. “Biotechnology researchers are not surprised by this result, because it is not happening outside the sky, but it is the product of a conscious government policy of public investment in the sector, both in public health and in medical science. ”

To date, about 86 percent of the Cuban population has been completely vaccinated against covid-19 with three doses, while another seven percent have been partially vaccinated against the virus, according to official statistics compiled by Our World in Data.

These figures include two-year-olds, who began receiving the vaccine a few months ago.

Health authorities in the country are introducing additional vaccines to the entire population this month in an attempt to limit the spread of omicron, a highly contagious variant of the virus.

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