Coffee only 80 lunches: what is the cheapest city in Europe?

Tirana is rarely at the top of the wish list of travelers around the world. However, new research shows that the capital of Albania gives guests in the UK the maximum benefit from their money.

Money from travel to the post office compared the typical costs of a weekend trip to 40 different European cities, which includes two nights in a three-star hotel, dinner in a restaurant for two, public transport, sightseeing and similar activities.

City Cost Baromet
r showed that in Tirana you will spend the minimum of all the cities analyzed: an average of 18,500 dinars. Here you only have to book 80 lunches for coffee and only 8,500 lunches for two nights.

The ranking of the most favorable European cities ranks second Katowice in southern Poland and in the third the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius.

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The capital of Croatia is also in the ten most favorable cities to spend a weekend vacation, in seventh place. Publication Travel money to the office you calculated that Zagreb for the weekend you need 29,000 lunches.

This year, Oslo has proven to be the most expensive city in Europe for a weekend, because 60,000 lunches are needed for a weekend. You will pay an average of 1,000 dinners per beer in the Norwegian capital and 22,000 dinners for two nights in a three-star hotel.

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The most favorable European cities in 2021 according to the City Costs barometer:
1. Tirana, Albania (total cost 18,500 dinars)
2. Katowice, Poland (total cost 23,000 dinars)
3. Vilnius, Lithuania (total cost 23,300 dinars)
4. Lisbon, Portugal (total cost 25,300 dinars)
5. Riga, Latvia (total cost 25,600 dinars)
6. Warsaw, Poland (total cost 26,600 dinars)
7. Zagreb, Croatia (total cost 29,000 dinars)
8. Budapest, Hungary (total cost 30,000 dinars)
9. Bratislava, Slovakia (total cost 30,300 dinars)
10. Krakow, Poland (total cost 31,000 dinars)

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