The presenter suffered a testicular injury during filming: “She attacked me while cursing the mud” – News – Life

After that, Deremy Clarkson, James May and Riard Hammond left the BBC and “Top Gear” signed a contract with Amazon, where they received a virtually unlimited budget for the series “The Grand Tour”. Source: Wednesday, May 5, 2022 | 12:00 -> 21:41 Photo: Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection / Profimedia The host of the […]

“I’m bored, but you’re still in the top 5 destinations” – the host shared his impressions of the trip PHOTO

Photo: Shutterstock / Seqoya Actor and presenter Tarik Filipovi shared his impressions of the recent trip to Istanbul on the social network Instagram. Rich history, expressive contrasts, damsels, dervish culture, but also kindness, and even, sometimes, aggressive domination behaviors are just some of the things that characterize Turkey. It is a country that leaves no […]

The controversial brother Bogdanov died – News – life

Just six days after the death of his twin brother Grika, the famous French presenter, producer and scientific essayist Igor Bogdanov died at the age of 72. The death was confirmed by his agent, reports the Belgian newspaper Le Soir. Source: B92 Monday, February 3, 2022 | 21:37 Photo: Profimedia “He left quietly and surrounded […]

Thousands of flights around the world have been canceled, not just because of omicrons

Today, more than 1,900 flights have been canceled in the United States and more than 3,300 worldwide due to unfavorable weather conditions and an increasing number of people infected with the omicron coronavirus strain. More than 2,700 flights in the United States and more than 4,400 worldwide were canceled yesterday, while more than 2,700 flights […]

I’m sorry, but your baby is not the first of 2022, but his – there was confusion in motherhood – News – Life

The mayor of Mostar visited a young mother this morning who gave birth to a baby girl 15 minutes after midnight. But a few hours later, the hospital announced that they were wrong and that the first baby of 2022 was still a child. Source: Saturday, 1/1/2022 | 18:01 -> 20:15 Photo: Shutterstock / […]

A European island where donkeys will greet you – in pajamas PHOTO

Photo: Shutterstock / mehdi33300 For many people, during the pandemic, work from the office became work from home, which they often do in pajamas. However, the inhabitants of the French island of Ile de Re have been wearing pajamas for 24 hours. What’s really unusual is that these inhabitants are actually donkeys. The cute species […]

New Year’s Eve show on B92 TV: Live from the plateau of the National Assembly VIDEO – News – Life

New Year’s Eve 2022 in Belgrade will be organized by the city authorities. Jelena Karleuša, Marija Šerifović and Sara Jovanović will perform. Source: B92 Thursday, 30/12/2021 | 17:34 -> 21:55 Photo: Printscreen / TV B92 The three singers decided to perform without commissions on December 31, in the area in front of the National Assembly […]

Pizza that’s not really that, a specialty you should try in Turkey

Photo: Shutterstock / Zu Kamilov Pide is a traditional Turkish dish, which over time has become part of street culture, and which many call Turkish pizza. When visiting Turkey, most tourists do not know what to try before: baklava, ratluk, dondurma (ice cream), kebab, alva, the list is long. What they should definitely try is […]

Big as a car, weighs 50 kilos and eats seeds: fossil discovery of a giant centipede – Science – Life

Giant centipedes the size of a car and weighing 50 kilos were once hunted in the north of England, experts say after the discovery of a 326 million-year-old fossil. Source: Tuesday, 28/12/2021 | 09:40 -> 21:19 Photo: Profimedia The largest fossil of this centipede was accidentally discovered on the beach in the village of […]

Hire a Serb: Zeljko Petrovic greets tourists with a smile and wears traditional costumes

Tourist guide Zeljko Petrovic has been welcoming foreign tourists to Belgrade Airport in traditional costumes for years. As he said on, after relaxing the guests with a smile and a brandy, this is where his friendship and knowledge of the tourist potential of Belgrade and our whole country begins. When he tells foreigners the […]