A participant in reality has been killed: it is not the first tragedy, he perceived that he died today – News – Life

Unprepared for instant fame, unaccustomed to the amount of money, reality participants, according to the format in which they appear, often become victims of their own illusions and ambitions. Source: B92 Saturday, 23/10/2021 | 20:59 -> 21:45 Photo: Printscreen / TV First Exposed to the tasteless, stripped of radiological findings, they fight in front of […]

10 quietest holiday destinations in Europe, including the Croatian island

Photo: Shutterstock / Marques If you are thinking about the next destination and you like a more relaxed holiday, you may like one of the following European places Travel experts will make it easier for you to choose the destination of your next trip THIS Network we have compiled a list of the quietest holiday […]

The American actress sells adult toys: “This smells like the vagina”; his son: “Uncomfortable” – News – life

American actress Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that her 15-year-old son Moses was uncomfortable selling adult toys. Source: B92 Thursday, October 21, 2021 | 20:25 -> 21:25 Photo: Profimedia The actress told the famous American that her son recently told her that he was initially not enthusiastic about his job, that is, the idea of ​​selling vibrators. […]

“I was born in Serbia, but the world is my home”: Nenad Stojanovi visited 90 countries and 2,150 cities

Tianmen Shan, China Photo: Nenad Stojanovi / @ whereisnenad Nenia Stojanovi (37) of Nia began a trip around the world 14 years ago, bound for Greece in Italy for a concert by Ennio Morricone. Since then, he has visited 90 countries and approximately 2,150 cities on five continents (South, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa), […]

The complex bought a kovid testing machine; “It will bear fruit”

Photo: Shutterstock / Larwin In order to alleviate the 48-hour quarantine required by all visitors arriving by plane in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Palm Island Station has decided to purchase its own PCR testing machine. “While this was a major investment, it was necessary to foster a flawless travel experience for our guests,” said […]

Passengers who received the vaccine more than six months ago receive a “red state”

Citizens who have had more than six months since revaccination and have not received the third booster dose of the kovid 19 vaccine may have trouble traveling abroad. That is, when reading the cu-ar code of the green certificate, a red prohibition sign appears on the screen which may suggest that this document is not […]

500 parents against a teacher: the reason is strange – News – Life

Sharon Burns, director and professor at the Canadian high school, is currently under pressure from parents of students who discovered on Facebook that they were listening to the Iron Maiden band and are therefore asking to be fired. writes Independent. Source: klix.ba. Wednesday, 13/10/2021 | 20:00 Photo: Shutterstock / Sun Shock Dissatisfied parents requested the […]

The most beautiful Roman city outside the borders of Italy PHOTO

Photo: Shutterstock / Photo: Shutterstock / lapas77 Once one of the most beautiful cities in the Roman Empire, Leptis Magna is abandoned after decades of civil war in Libya. Although tourists are currently escaping it, some see the possibility of changing it. A visit to Leptis Magni, a Roman city that juts out on the […]

Eric Clapton funds a band against the vaccine, even though he has been vaccinated – News – Life

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton, who voiced his opposition to coronavirus vaccines, decided to fund an anti-vaccine rock band that defends “freedom of choice in medicine,” Rolling Stone magazine writes. Source: Jutarnji list Monday, October 11, 2021 | 20:15 Photo: Profimedia The guitarist donated $ 1,300 and lent the tourist van to the British band “Jam […]