More facial decoration than useful – what kind of omicron strain mask can you break down?

Since the highly contagious variant of the omicron coronavirus is spreading around the world, some experts warn that we need to change the facial masks we have worn so far. Source: Sunday, 26/12/2021 | 14:35 -> 21:41 Photo: EPA / ANDY RAIN Experts warn that face masks are a weak defense against the much […]

You don’t need to take medication – foods that relieve headaches

What do you do first when you feel a headache? Probably the first thing you think about is taking an analgesic or going to bed.Instead of remembering medications, regularly eat certain foods that have been shown to be good for headaches. Source: News Friday, 12/24/2021 | 14:44 -> 21:05 Photo: Profimedia Sesame You may not […]

A toxin-free plant that acts directly on foreign and malignant cells in the body until they are destroyed.

The Russian doctor Nikolai Lazarov introduced the concept of an adaptogenic plant in 1949 and marked with them the most effective medicinal properties that nature offers to the organism. Source: News Wednesday, 22/12/2021 | 15:42 -> 21:40 Photo: EPA / HARISH TYAGI Marigold is one of the most widely used plants in herbal medicine, folk […]

A cup of canine rose tea every day – protects against heart disease, reduces pain …

It has a delicate, floral and sour taste that is slightly sweet. Rosehip has been linked to a number of health benefits, including improved immunity, heart health, weight loss and skin aging. Source: News Monday, December 20, 2021 | 16:20 -> 21:44 Photo: Profimedia A study on the antioxidant content in six fruit extracts revealed […]

Fatigue, back pain and fatigue indicate that you are missing an important vitamin

Did you know that more than one billion people worldwide have mild or severe forms of hypovitaminosis D? It is a deficiency of vitamin D, which is found in people of all ages. Source: Saturday, 18/12/2021 | 19:09 -> 20:54 Photo: Shutterstock / nuiza11 If we know that vitamin D is mainly obtained from […]

Tea against dry and productive mud: Cheap and effective

Winter and respiratory infections, especially viral ones, such as cold and flu, are accompanied by an unpleasant and exhausting cough. Very often it starts as a dry kaal, and then grows into a productive, when we expel mucus. Source: Thursday, 16/12/2021 | 09:09 -> 20:04 Photo: Shutterstock / drei Kaalj can be so unpleasant […]

Omicron has 5 symptoms that are different from delta – one manifesting only nine

Symptoms of the omicron variant of the coronavirus appear to differ from previous strains, according to doctors and epidemiologists. Source: 555vq Tuesday, December 14, 2021 | 19:41 -> 20:50 Photo: EPA / NEIL HALL / POOL Although some people report mild reactions to the virus, many have noticed that they are not the same as […]

The child did not have chickenpox: the doctor said there was no reason to panic

Chickenpox is the most common mild disease that lasts 2 to 3 weeks. There are three stages in the course of the disease, and they are most often seen in younger children. Source: Weekly Sunday, 12/12/2021 | 14:53 -> 21:43 Photo: Shutterstock / kryzhov After the race, Nevenka Raketić solves the dilemma of parents – […]

What exactly is an omicron? Chinese scientists have published a photo

The Omicron variant of the new coronavirus appeared in late November, and early studies have shown that it is potentially easily transmitted from previous strains. Source: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 | 10:18 -> 20:30 Photo: Profimedia The University of Hong Kong on Wednesday released the first photo of the omicron variant of the new […]