Consumption of pickles and their water has great advantages, but only if …

Okay, when people think of pickles, they immediately think of pregnant women. But did you know that many people can profit from consuming this green vegetable? Source: News Saturday 23/10/2021 Œ œ 15:43 -> 17:50 Photo: Shutterstock / Alliance Images Some people also eat them because they suffer from certain health conditions. In their search […]

Pig kidney transplanted successfully in humans: Revolution in medicine

For the first time in the history of medicine, surgeons have successfully performed a kidney transplant from a pig to a human, and the organ, they say, “functioned immediately in a normal way.” Source: Jutarnji List Thursday, 21 Oct 2021 Œ œ 14:29 -> 20:08 Photo: Shutterstock / MAD.vertise The surgical procedure was performed in […]

A new symptom of coronavirus – can be easily confused with the common cold

Whether it’s a cold or a cold, it’s sometimes hard to tell. Source: Blic Sunday, 17/10/2021 Œ œ 19:11 -> 21:50 Photo: Shutterstock / fizkes Both diseases belong to respiratory viral infections, and one of the new and main symptoms of the mutated virus is now sneezing, which was once the basic feature of the […]

Tell doctors not to recommend the vaccine via Viber

Nowadays, the phone number is active 064 88 11 405 through which you can point out doctors who do not advise to vaccinate patients without a specific medical reason justified. Source: News Friday, October 15 2021 Œ œ 16:40 Photo: Profimedia Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,031,283 cases of coronavirus have been registered in […]

Last chance to find out how the coronavirus was born: China denies being out of its labs

Today, the World Health Organization formed a new group of experts to test dangerous pathogens, which, as it estimates, is the “last chance” to determine the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and has invited China to cooperate. Source: Tanjug Wednesday, 13/10/2021 Œ œ 18:54 -> 20:39 Photo: Profimedia The first case of coronavirus in the […]

How many months after the second dose were you vaccinated? “There is no significant difference between the vaccines.”

Infection after vaccination usually occurs four months after receiving the second dose, and according to the first incomplete data, there is no significant difference in effectiveness between “sinofarm” and other vaccines used in our country. Source: Blic Monday, October 11, 2021 Œ œ 21:33 -> 21:52 Photo: Profimedia However, the difference in the disease between […]

You can see how much you’re healthy in your mouth – a few warning signs

People are recognized by their smile and the health and appearance of your teeth in this case play a very big role, and there are many phenomena on the teeth that can indicate the general health situation. Source: Wednesday, 6/10/2021 Œ œ 12:19 -> 16:55 Photo: Profimedia Worn teeth This is a consequence of […]

The study says: Possible heart problems and a year after covid

even in those who have never been hospitalized for severe symptoms of infection, there is a possibility of side effects and the formation of deadly blood clots even a year after infection, writes Bloomberg Source: Thursday, October 7, 2021 Œ œ 10:06 -> 21:23 Photo: Shutterstock / Kleber Lamb The sisters used data from […]

Is dialysis soon a thing of the past? The first artificial kidney was developed

Painful and uncomfortable dialysis could become a thing of the past thanks to an innovative artificial kidney whose prototype has already been successfully demonstrated in America. Source: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 Œ œ 12:13 -> 18:49 Photo: Shutterstock / fizkes According to the available data, kidney diseases cause more deaths from breast or prostate […]

How much of the crown is spread by vaccines, and how much by vaccines?

One of the frequent criticisms of vaccination and the introduction of epidemiological restrictions for the unvaccinated (or covid-pass), which can be heard in recent months, is that the vaccinated have also spread the virus. Source: Sunday, October 3, 2021 Œ œ 14:32 -> 17:20 Photo: EPA / MASSIMO PERCOSSI In other words, the virus […]