Caribbean Island Entry Condition $ 70,000; from October 1, an advantage for vaccinated tourists

Photo: Shutterstock / tm urban

Photo: Shutterstock / tm urban

Only 21 people have lived on this island in these conditions since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Caribbean island is finally reopening to vaccinated tourists after the island’s authorities only allowed tourists who earned more than $ 70,000 in the last 18 months to remain.

That is, British overseas territory Montserrat closed borders to tourists at the start of the pandemic, in March 2020.

When he reopened them in April of this year, it was only for those who were willing to apply. remote charges, which require the previous minimum wage for the applicant and a minimum stay of two months. Under these conditions, only 21 people stayed on this island.

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Unlike other digital nomadic visas issued during the pandemic, this visa was difficult to obtain.

“They’re very selective when they travel,” a sociology professor at the University of Massachusetts told the New York Times. David Cort, who applied for this three-month visa along with his wife and daughter.

“They told me they really rejected people,” he says.

This ema visa has helped Montserrat to be virtually free of coronavirus infection at all times; since the beginning of the pandemic, only 33 people have been positive for the coronavirus.

The local population is not very satisfied with the current conditions of entry to the island.

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“I don’t think that’s the best option,” he said Andrew Myers, store owner, notes that the decision to set the minimum wage is still too strict.

But from October 1st The island’s authorities are reducing the criteria by allowing all vaccinated tourists to stay on the island without the conditions for a minimum stay.

They should definitely spend forty-five days and do a PCR test on the fourth day of the visit in order to pass it.

Unvaccinated tourists they will be able to enter this island if they request it remote work visa, will include a forty-two week on arrival.

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