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He is one of the greatest scientists in our region, but also a man who has greatly influenced the world in which we live today. However, although much is known about him, the fate of his closest relatives is much less known. This is a story about the Tesla sisters …

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Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan to Lika, the fourth child of a total of five children of Milutin, a Serbian Orthodox priest, and Georgina, who was a housewife. Before him, Milutin and Georgina had a son Dane and daughters Angelina and Milka, while Marica was the youngest of the Tesla family.

When Nikola was five years old, the family was shocked by a tragedy from which, according to many, she never fully recovered. Dane died when he fell off his horse, and it is believed that because of this accident, his parents were so protective of Nikola, which is why his father refused for a long time to allow him to attend school. technique away from home.

And, while Nikola finally brought honor and world fame to his family, the fate of his sisters is much less known …

Angelina Tesla

Tesla’s older sister, Angelina, was married to Nikola Trbojev and had five children with him: Uro, Petra, Nikola, Marica, and Milica. They all graduated from college and four of them became PhDs in science!

Little is known about her life, except that she died in 1931 and that she and her husband were buried in the village of Bezbradice near Kistanje in northern Dalmatia, where her daughter Marica married a wealthy merchant Niko Jankovi. , lived.

Angelina’s son Petar became the archimandrite of Iatovaki, known as Petronije after her monastic life. He studied law, where he also received his doctorate, as well as theology. Maintaining the family tradition, he also corresponded with his uncle from America, but those letters have not been preserved because they were burned in the monastery library during World War II.

Angelina’s second child, Nikola, went to America, where he was known as Nicolas Terbo. As his uncle was named, he proved to be very talented in technology and innovation. He was a mathematician and inventor, leaving behind more than 120 patents, most of them in the automotive industry.

He was in touch with his uncle and often lent him money because the big Tesla was constantly on the verge of bankruptcy.

Nicholas’ son, William Terbo, was also an inventor, working in Los Angeles in the space and space industry. He tried to preserve the memory of his paternal grandfather, so he was the executive director of the Tesla Society in the United States and participated in six international meetings in honor of Tesla. He died on August 14, 2018, at the age of 89, as the last of the family he personally met Nikola Tesla (whom he met as a child).

Milka Tesla

The exact date of birth of Tesla’s sister, Milka, is unknown. It is known that it was in 1852 in Senj and that she married for the first time a certain priest Voja Glumia and that she remarried after his death in 1892. Since her first marriage, it is said that it was very bad, Milka had a daughter, Gina, who was also married to a priest.

Marica Tesla

“When I entered Tesla’s room on the morning of January 7, 1943, with a close friend, Tesla was lying dead. the face.

On a large round table was an open metal box, many of which had letters and a drawing, the last of Tesla, in a group of visitors in 1942. “

Much more information about Marica has been preserved. He married Nikola Kosanovi, with whom he has four children. She became a widow at the age of 41 and raised children on her own, and proved to be a very capable woman.

He said that he had a talent for mathematics, that he recited verses from world literature, that he knew by heart, and that he spoke four foreign languages. He was a journalist and correspondent for several newspapers. He maintained an intense correspondence with his brother Nikola, and it was she who represented him at the ceremonial academy on May 28, 1936, at Kolar University in Belgrade on the occasion of his eightieth birthday.

She died in the 1980s. She was buried in Zagreb.

Marica managed to give higher education to all her children. All that is known about Dragia is that he was an Austro-Hungarian colonel, and that Ljubia was an economist. Milutin was a doctor and became famous as a doctor who helps the poor, visits monsters and takes selfless care of everyone. He died in 1941 during the bombing of Sarajevo, where he was deployed as a reserve medical captain.

Maria’s youngest son, Sava Kosanovi, was a learned lawyer, but also a politician, publicist and diplomat. After the coup of March 27, 1941, he was the Minister of Supplies of the government of Duan Simov. From 1942 to 1944 he emigrated to America, where he met his uncle Nikola.

He supported the Popular Liberation Movement, and from March 1945 was Minister of Information in the government of Josip Broz Tito, and from 1946 ambassador to the United States and then to Mexico. From 1953 until his death he was a member of the Federal Executive Council.

It was Sava who found Nikola Tesla’s body in a hotel room on January 7, 1943. He wrote about it in his memoirs:

Thanks to Sava as the sole heir in America, the entire legacy of Nikola Tesla was taken to Belgrade, where the Nikola Tesla Museum was established.

None of Mary’s children married, so this branch of the family was left without children.

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