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Many people know that actor, director, comedian and musician Branko Uri has been cultivating a healthy lifestyle for years. In addition, she watches as she eats, meditates regularly, and often spends time with her family in the wild.

Photo: Printscreen / First TV

Photo: Printscreen / First TV

Last year at this time he bathed in Bohinj Lake when the temperature of the lake was only 7 degrees.

Branko uri uro took off this year in mid-November “oelii” swimming in the cold, but this time it was not a lake but it did so on the Slovenian coast, in Portoro.

Of course, he had to mark it with a video that showed his followers on Instagram. In his recognizable style, he said, “Not to cook aba, this is the best recipe.”

Photo: Printskrin / / Instagram / branko_djuric_djuro

Photo: Printskrin / / Instagram / branko_djuric_djuro

uri is in great shape and has a lot of energy largely due to the lifestyle he leads. That is, he has been a vegetarian for a long time, and he does not lose his usual exercise.

“I do transcendental meditation every day, but I have other ways to relax and recharge my batteries. One of them is spending time with positive people and spending time with family,” he told Veernji List earlier.

Recall that the popular Sarajevan has been living on the Ljubljana-Zagreb route for many years, and in the Croatian capital he runs the Luda kua theater with Rene Bitorajac.

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