Bild: Does China collect genetic data from pregnant women?

The German daily “Bild” claims that China collects genetic data from German pregnant women.

Source: Tanjug

Photo: Shutterstock / Natalia Deriabina

Photo: Shutterstock / Natalia Deriabina

According to the list, the goal could be the development of genetically modified viruses, which could be used as genetic weapons, and recall that U.S. government advisers warned in March that China was working on such technology.

According to Reuters, the Chinese company BGI is behind it all, adding that it sells NIFTY non-invasive prenatal tests in 52 countries around the world.

With this test, pregnant women can determine if their baby will be born healthy.

According to Bild, BGI therefore has an immense database of mothers and embryos, and this company, says Reuters, is investigating the Chinese military.

BGI tests are distributed in Germany by the company “Eluthia”, which has confirmed that all analyzes are controlled by China in laboratories in Hong Kong.

However, they added that there is agreement on the passage of the EU data protection law and that the evidence is not being analyzed in BGI laboratories.

But, underlines “Bild” on the site “Eluthia”, it is clear that the analyzes are conducted in partner laboratories BGI. They exclude from German society the possibility of data abuse by China, stating that BGI does not have the right to use samples obtained from Germany for scientific purposes of any kind.

“Bild” indicates that the company “Eluthia” is not sure that the Chinese respect the agreement. That is, after writing to “Reuters”, the German company sent an email to its users with a request to inform patients about the writing of the media.

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