BiH islands located next to Croatia without competition PHOTO

Photo: shutterstock / HF media art

Photo: shutterstock / HF media art

The Iapodi Islands are an incredible tourist attraction in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located right next to the Croatian border. Ada, connected by wooden bridges, borders the beautiful Una National Park, one of the three national parks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This park marked the western part of Bosnia with its colors, sounds and images, where it is located, and it is interesting that it is only 40 kilometers from the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It belongs to the Una-Coran plateau and includes the valleys of the Una and Unce rivers.

The islands through which the Una runs

Five river islands, that is, not far from Bihać, in Račić, which have no competition in the world in terms of beauty, are connected by wooden bridges and the river Una crosses it, creating waterfalls and breaking travertine barriers. The beautiful resort of Japod Islands consists of a car park, a restaurant under which you can hear the whisper of the river, a beach bar and a large camping area. According to the natural balance, all the buildings are mostly wooden and are also planning the reconstruction of the Iapodian settlement, as it existed in this area.

With all the beauties that the Japod Islands have to offer, the accommodations on offer offer a special experience and delight. A tree house that will take you to your fairy tales and childhood that you liked then. In addition, there are real luxury wooden bungalows, which will leave you with nature and bring comfort to your stay and you can also bring a tent. You can also sleep in apartments or cottages.

Carefree vacations, celebrations, team building, bachelorette parties

The Iapodi Islands are an ideal choice for a family, romantic, but also for a holiday with friends. While children will be able to have fun in various games such as football, badminton or making sand towers, other companies decide other adventures for them or those who celebrate something with the company. Rafting or canoe safari in the Una, as well as other river adventures, will serve as a good combination of sports and adrenaline for team building, birthday celebrations, bachelor parties …

You can reach these islands from Zagreb in just under 3 hours and be sure to take a tour of Bihać and visit Una National Park.

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