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Although the parents of the victim Halina Hains did not initially convict actor Alec Baldwin for this incident, the injured producer’s father changed his mind due to some of his actions.

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Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

That is to say, Anatoly Androsovi cannot understand that Alec Baldwin does not assume part of the blame and responsibility, as well as his procedure for removing the tweets he published after the tragic event.

Also, Halin Hains’ father doesn’t understand why the actor denies that he pulled the trigger when it was the only way for the shooting and the murder to take place.

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“I don’t understand Alec’s behavior. That’s why he asked for his tweets when it became clear that there was a rehearsal shooting? And that’s why he fired in preparation?” taken from his hand, so it’s hard for me to understand how he can’t be partly responsible for my daughter’s death, ”said the father of the late director of photography.

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According to The Sun, Anatoly also referred to her nine-year-old granddaughter, Halina’s son Andros.

“Andros is slowly coming back to life, but this is a big blow for all of us,” he said.

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