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For the security services trying to protect Prince Arles and Princess Diana, while their marriage was falling apart, the job was not at all easy, as the spouses were cheating on each other.

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Photo: Profimedia

Photo: Profimedia

Since the prince and princess always had to have an escort who would lead them wherever they were or it would be difficult to adjust their security and affairs.

As the Daily Mail writes, when Arls drove his Aston Martin from Gloucester to the home of Camille Parker Bowles, his partner was always police bodyguard Colin Trimming..

This is how Princess Diana learned of the greatest betrayal of her life

When Diana planted her lover Dames Hewitt at her mother’s house in the south west of England, her bodyguard slept on a sofa on the ground floor while the couple was upstairs.

At first, while he was with Hewitt in Devon, Diana would ask him to take him over the weekend and then disappear. His security service was faithful and discreet, but at the same time terrified, because they knew that if anything happened to him, “their heads would be in the stump.” Fortunately, Hewitt was more reasonable than Princess Diana.

It is also interesting that the London residences of Hewitt and Camille Parker Bowles were literally facing Clareville Gruvey in June Kensington. Kamila even had an eccentric tendency to do household chores without clothes, so one day Hewitt looked down the street and saw her naked.

Her husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, was her commander. Although they were not close friends, they regularly greeted each other kindly when they met in a comedy.

Media collaborators

What further aggravated these secret loves were the intrusive media representatives, who had their “moles” among Buckingham Palace staff. Media representative of Queen Elizabeth II. on one occasion he claimed that he had finally identified the informant who worked for “The Sun”, but was mocked that it was “unlikely, because there were 11 of them”.

It was therefore not surprising that both Arls and Diana became very secretive and sometimes endangered their own safety. Diana was the worst.

even during the first phase of her marriage to the prince, Princess Diana was quite good at avoiding her bodyguards. So she often panicked the security guards when they realized too late that the princess had sneaked into the oping, “hidden” behind a pair of modern sunglasses.

After separating, the princess became even more reckless. At the Austrian winter resort, she escaped from her team, which took care of her by jumping from the balcony of her hotel room to the first floor in the deep snow at night, and then went for a walk. Shortly afterwards, he relinquished his police protection and it was a very dangerous move.

The only reason Arls married Diane

He later explained that while he “had a lot of enemies, he also had a lot of friends in high positions” who passed on foreign knowledge to him, so he often asked them questions about what was really going on and asked questions. Because of their unpredictable behavior, five full-time employees were hired to “supervise” their activities, including intercepting their private phone conversations.

According to reports, the U.S. government also had a large document about Princess Diana that was more than 1,000 pages long and there was a transcript of her phone calls.

These documents are still confidential, but most of the material is probably related to your work abroad. Diana was afraid of the “dark forces” following her, but refused to have police protection. Many believe that this decision cost her life, because if she had had police protection at the time of the accident in which she died, the princess could still be alive.

Dangerous situations

Most members of the royal family have found themselves in dangerous situations over the years, though not as dangerous as Princess Diana. Prince Arles went to Trinity College, Cambridge in the late 1960s, where he showed “a talent for taking on potentially uncomfortable or even physically dangerous situations,” a member of his security team, the Daily, said. . Mail “.

the arls liked to walk around Cambridge and their guards didn’t want to embarrass him by staying too close, so they followed him in an old Land Rover at some distance. However, young women near Arles were the biggest problem for their safety.

A group of students allegedly planned to break into the University, kidnap Arles and demand a ransom for his freedom. The head of the Arles security team managed to organize a meeting with the girl who was the leader of the possible kidnappers and warned him that the police already had all the details about his plan and that if that happened, they would have big problems. with the law. Although the girl cursed him, he was not kidnapped.

The network is very strange in the photos of Diana and Arles: do you notice? PHOTO

The prince’s most serious dangers were found in Wales. Great violent nationalism was rising there and Prince Arles was to be officially crowned Prince of Wales in July 1960. British intelligence was concerned about the threat the terrorists might pose to the ceremony. The great nationalists saw the royal family as an English institution imposed on them and the title of Prince of Wales was an insult to them, especially because Arles’ ties with Wales were quite weak.

Of particular concern was the site of the ceremony, a medieval castle in the far north-west of Wales, away from the well-protected streets of London. The bombing soon began, which caused great concern to the public and the royal family, who felt threatened.

In the background of the great bombings and nationalist protests against the appointment of the Arles as Prince of Wales, was the Free Army of Wales (FWA), and in 1969 nine of its members were arrested and charged with rape. public order and peace.

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