And it exists: a man with an inscription invites women to the beach to dress “more modestly” VIDEO – News – Life

Dresser Casti Simons was staying on the beach, and at one point a man came across a sign that said women should “dress more modestly” on the beach.

Source: B92

Illustration / Photo: EPA / Ramon de la Rocha

Illustration / Photo: EPA / Ramon de la Rocha

The woman says she was harassed by a man on a Florida beach after standing in front of her with a sign of modesty while wearing a bathing suit.

The video clearly shows that she wrote “God says Christian women dress modestly” and that this clip has hundreds of thousands of views.

“Sir, it’s a beach,” Katie hears on the recording. “Should we dress modestly on the beach?”

“God doesn’t want women …” began an unknown man before Katie interrupted the video.

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