American tourists call it “Hungarian pizza”, a traditional specialty, a cure for hangovers

Photo: Shutterstock / Calin Stan

Photo: Shutterstock / Calin Stan

After goulash, paprika and kurto kola, don’t forget to try the lango in Hungary.

When we visit a city and get to know its culture and customs, we also like to try specialties from this area.

Hungary is known for goulash and paprika, as well as kurto kolau, but also langou.

It is the specialty of the oldest Hungarian cuisine in the world, made with a dough that is cooked with deep oil.

Some believe that the lango originated under Turkish influence, while others believe that it originated from the ancient Romans.

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The dough is made of water, prey, yeast, eera and salt, and instead of water you can put sour cream, milk or yogurt.

Mostly eat everything while it is hot. It is traditionally eaten by rubbing garlic, but it can be coated and topped with any name: from sour cream and grated cheese, unka, turkey and cabbage.

Sometimes cooks add the potatoes to the mixture, this is how it is formed potato mushrooms.

How did it all start?

The name of the dish comes from king long, this means flame, as it was originally prepared near the flame of a brick stove, unlike today in which it is commonly used in oil.

The first written record of this delicious food is from the 17th century, but the origins of the recipe go back to the 14th century.

At the same time that people were starting to make bread with too much yeast and working on new ways of baking, they were starting to eat langoustine as an appetizer.

How to drink Atlas Obscura, at a time when the Maari made bread in the brick oven, they saved a little too much for breakfast.

Then they ate it with butter and sour cream. In the early 1900s, lango was eaten without any additives.

American tourists often call it Hungarian pizza

However, over time, as there were no ovens in urban homes, people who lived in the cities made this specialty in a frying pan and added it to the fat.

The brewing process is very slow, so they started selling them in the markets or on the streets, and later became the traditional summer street food of Hungary, which of course can be eaten in any time of year.

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A delicious breakfast and a cure for hangovers, lango is also reminiscent of Maare’s summer on Lake Balaton, a popular holiday destination where you can find stalls selling langos the size of large plates for dinner.

This popular street food specialty can be found at numerous trade fairs, festivals, beaches and amusement parks in Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Romania.

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