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The Hollywood actor is on October 22nd killed cinematographer Halina Hutchins with a shotgun and wounded director Joel Souz on the set of “Rust”. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

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The plaintiff said that any suggestions that do not adhere to the investigation and do not respect the search order of his phone are a lie and that the best way to pay tribute to the late Halina Hutchins is to find out the truth about what happened during the filming of “Rust”

He recently posted a video on his Instagram profile in which he shared some of his remarks about the whole case.

Where did Alec Baldwin’s phone go?

“Any suggestions that don’t comply with my phone’s requests or orders or search orders is a lie,” he added, adding that “it’s a time-consuming process,” he said.

He explained that it is a process in which one state demands something from another state.

“No one from another country can come and tell you Give me your phone, give me this, give me that. I can’t do that, “he said.

“But of course, 1,000 percent of us will stick with everything. We’re fine with that.”

Baldwin said he did not know there was a real bullet in the gun and that investigators had to find out who put it in the gun.

“The best way, the only way to pay homage to Halina Hutchins, is to find out the truth,” he said.

“That’s what I’m working on, I insist, I ask the organizations involved in this research to do everything in their power to find out what really happened. That’s all that matters.

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