A symbol of human vulnerability: a huge sculpture created in the middle of the desert carries an important message

Photo: Shutterstock Photography / Lukas Bischoff

Photo: Shutterstock Photography / Lukas Bischoff

The Chilean Atacama proves that there is life in the desert with an unusual attraction. However, we would not call it life, but a struggle for life. But let’s get to know her, so everyone decides for herself.

In the northern part of the country, not far from the road that passes through a huge desert, a huge human hand protrudes from the barren terrain and sand. The sculpture called “Mano del Desierto” was made in the shape of a human hand and is 11 meters high.

Local authorities in the nearby city of Antofagasta commissioned the work of sculptor Maria Irarazabala to fill the gap, and they succeeded.

The beautiful and mysterious scene recalls a drowned hand, which is also the message the artist sent. That is, this artistic intervention symbolizes human vulnerability and impotence and recalls the difficult history of the Chilean people and the numerous human rights violations.

Although she carries an important and moving message, she herself has not been saved. Often targeted by vandals who paint it with graffiti, the hand is forced to “clean up” every few months.

Ironically, this is just one more proof of his impotence.

Regardless of the unfortunate circumstances, and luckily for us, the monument is accessible to everyone and access is free. It is allowed to touch it and take photographs on it, but it is forbidden to climb on it.

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