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The American weapons manufacturer “Culper Precision” redesigned the design of the popular “Glock” gun to look like a “Lego” children’s cube toy. The Danish giant “Lego” did not like at all.

Source: RTS

Photo: Shutterstock / 3d_kot

Photo: Shutterstock / 3d_kot

“Here’s one of those childhood dreams that came true,” the “Culper Precision” ad for the modified “Glock 19,” aptly named “Block 19,” states.

As they say, there is a certain satisfaction in shooting with a gun, and this is the only way to bring this kind of fun closer to the people who are against it, with a new and fun gun design.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the company “Lego” immediately requested the cessation of production of the weapon, as the colors red, blue and yellow, which cover the weapon, are they are automatically associated with a well-known company for the production of children’s toys.

When Shannon Watts of the “Moms demand action” organization first saw the new design of the weapon, she asked the “Lego” company to react.

“Our organization turned to Lego, which immediately sent a petition to the court for an immediate cessation of production,” he says.

The “Culper Precision” states that “Block 19” wanted to show that “weapons are for everyone” and that “the responsible possession and use of weapons can be a very satisfying activity.”

The colorful design of the semi-automatic pistol looks irresistibly as if it were mounted from red, blue and yellow cubes from the popular Danish company.

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