A rare phenomenon: Greek beaches are flooded with VIDEO foam

Illustration / Photo: Profimedia / Serkan Senturk / ZUMA Wire

Illustration / Photo: Profimedia / Serkan Senturk / ZUMA Wire

On Tigani Beach, not far from Sarti in Sithonia, swimmers have had the opportunity to see a rare phenomenon these days. That is, the coast was flooded with white foam and Greek media experts spoke of this rare phenomenon.

“It’s something we’ve seen before. It’s an unresolved organic matter that, for some natural reason: a disorder, a biological process, increases in quantity and doesn’t dissolve,” said Hariton-arls Hindiroglu, a professor in the Department of Biology. of Aristotle University, as a guest on Radio Thessaloniki, reports “Blic”.

As he pointed out, the frequency of this phenomenon has recently been noticed throughout the North Aegean.

“We cannot rule out that this is caused by organic pollution of the Bosphorus,” he said, noting that the phenomenon was not dangerous and was related to climate change.

In an interview with thessnews.gr, the deputy mayor of Sithonia, Vassilis Zisios, stated that the foam has been present for the last three or four days.

Zisios believes that this is a eutrophication phenomenon that occurs due to the increase in phytoplankton and zooplankton due to the prevailing high temperatures and is not at all dangerous for bathers.

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