A puppet island that attracts millions of tourists PHOTO / VIDEO

Photo: Shutterstock / CassielMx

Photo: Shutterstock / CassielMx

Mexico’s puppet island is an ideal destination for lovers of horror movies and creepy legends, and is associated with a special story that has attracted millions of tourists from around the world for years.

Legend has it that a few decades ago, the Mexican Julian Santana Barrera found a girl who drowned in the lake, and who due to this event decided to leave his family and move completely to a small island in the canals of Soimilko, where he worked. as a guard.

He also found a small doll next to the body, which he then hung on a tree to pay tribute to the deceased girl. In the following years, he collected and tied more and more dolls to “calm the soul” and move on.

Many believe he was affected by the guilt that could have saved the girl.

Photo: Shutterstock / marketa1982

Photo: Shutterstock / marketa1982

Tour guides say Santana was obsessed with the ghost of a girl, which is why she has been making dolls on this island for just over 50 years. He found them in canals, shops and on the grill. Legend has it that he often exchanged food and basic necessities for old dolls.

Santana did not clean or repair them, he tied them up in the same condition in which he found them. Some dolls already looked creepy at the time, while others were hijacked by numerous weather disasters. Those toys she didn’t know, Santana kept at home, so for the rest of her life she considered the dolls to be “beautiful protectors” of the island.

In early 2001, Santana was found dead in the same place where he had found the girl a few decades earlier. The cause of death was drowning, which even 20 years later fascinates many visitors to the island and further confirms the tour guide theory that the island is still haunted by the spirit of the deceased girl.

Their tradition of hanging dolls has been continued by tourists, who bring their toys from all over the world and leave them on the island.

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