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Unprepared for instant fame, unaccustomed to the amount of money, reality participants, according to the format in which they appear, often become victims of their own illusions and ambitions.

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Photo: Printscreen / TV First

Photo: Printscreen / TV First

Exposed to the tasteless, stripped of radiological findings, they fight in front of the camera with the demons of their often immature personalities.

The price of salary, sometimes the highest. it’s just small and insatiable hunger …

Since the fact that some Miyatov were found dead is no longer out of place, we are used to it, the fate of reality inevitably passes.

On the day of her death, Zorica said to her grandfather, “Let me die today.”

“In the end, he told me. Just so you know, I love you so much. It’s like you feel it,” said the late Zorica Lazi’s brother.

Unfortunately, the case today that reality show participant Dimitrija Mijatov was found dead in his Belgrade apartment is not alone.

Let us remember, in 2007 three former participants in the reality show “Big Brother” died.

Zorica Lazi, Stevan Zeevi Zeka and Elmir Kuduzovi lost their lives in a serious traffic accident on a road in the EU.

“I will kill myself if Ksenija leaves me,” Filip repeated in the last days before his death. He did this, but first he took Ksenija’s life

Former participant in the reality show “Big Brother” Filip Kapisoda killed his girlfriend singer Ksenija Pajin in 2010 and then ended his life.

A decade later, the winner of the sixth season of the reality show “Farma” in Croatia, which aired in 2018, died.

That is, Saa Vujnovi died in 2020 at a construction site in Rijeka, where he worked.

This year, the organizer of the show “Kua od srca” also died. Jasmina Mihajlovi died in a car accident on the Ibar road.

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