A new symptom of coronavirus – can be easily confused with the common cold

Whether it’s a cold or a cold, it’s sometimes hard to tell.

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Photo: Shutterstock / fizkes

Photo: Shutterstock / fizkes

Both diseases belong to respiratory viral infections, and one of the new and main symptoms of the mutated virus is now sneezing, which was once the basic feature of the common cold.

With the appearance of a new delta strain of the crown virus, new symptoms appear that have not been characteristic until now. Dry cough, fever, but also loss of senses and smell were alarming signs that our body was infected with covid. And while so far the fever has been an alarm sign and going to the doctor, one of the main symptoms of the mutated virus is a starnut that will happen in some and not in others.

“For previous strains of the virus, sneezing was not characteristic, but a dry cough, shortness of breath and a suffocating nasal root. Sneezing was characteristic of colds, which also belong to the category of viral infections caused by viruses. ademo “, says Dr. .Obradovic, general practitioner.

Dokorka Biserka Obradović warns that if you have a sneeze, you should definitely contact a doctor as soon as possible. The extent to which any of the symptoms, even sneezing, will occur depends primarily on our immunity.

“The virus has mutated and sneezing has been added to its symptoms. It will occur in most people infected by the new strain, but all this, again, depends mainly on our immunity. As high fever does not it doesn’t happen in every person and at the same intensity, ”The same goes for sneezing. Our immune system is the key thing, ”he said.

The doctor warns that the flu will appear at the end of October, and that an epidemic is expected this year, considering that a large infection of epidemic proportions occurs in a period of three to five years, but that the flu is easier. to be distinguished from the crown.

“The last flu epidemic was four years ago, so a new one is expected this fall. However, the flu develops suddenly and is characterized by high temperatures, headaches, pain in the eyeballs and pain in muscles and joints.It is not similar to colds and chills.in which the symptoms appear gradually, but during the disease the pain can be rapid, “underlines the specialist of general and primary medicine Biserka Obradović.

Since our immune system is a key factor, the doctor will once again take note and advise how to protect our immune system.

“We should walk more, sleep a good night, avoid energy drinks, cigarettes and pay attention in general to any diseases or allergies, because everyone destroys our immune system,” says Dr. Biserka Obradović in conclusion.

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